Creative Workshop Oct 2021

– Exploring physicality through Majors Arcana –
This creative workshop lab aims to explore the connection existing in between the archetypes represented by Majors Arcana in Tarot and the relation with a particular physicality, body energy and emotional state.
For this one-week workshop Marianne Costa and Agostina D’Alessandro will collaborate together to provide a guidance that leads the work towards the integration of both: the understanding of Tarot and the using of this knowledge to investigate a performing body state.
For this workshop we will select a group of 22 professional dancers, as the 22 major arcana of Tarot. Selection will be made by CV and in order of application.
Registration, questions and information can be sent here:
The workshop will take place from October 11th to October 15th – 2021/Brussels. We will work from 10h to 17h with one hour lunch break during the day.
Price of the workshop: Early bird price: €250 (paying before September 1st) – Normal price: €300

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  1. Hello dear.

    Sincrinosities led me to you.
    I read tarot and I am visual artist but mostly performance artist and ex dancer.

    I stay in Norway. I am very curious about you courses and like to plan to attend one. Could you please send me some info.

    So much love

    Jessica Ullevålseter

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