Dance/Tarot June 2022

For the second time I have the pleasure to co-teach a workshop with choreographer Agostina d’Alessandro.

Registration, questions and information must be sent to:

In this second creative lab we will continue to explore the connection existing between the archetypes represented by Majors Arcana in Tarot and their particular physicality and emotional state. This second time will concentrate in two main axes: choreographic structures and the principles of Numerology in Tarot.

The symbols and allegories of Tarot are images that are meant to spread way beyond their two dimensions. In each of us they evoke space, movement, time and rhythm both in individual and in transpersonal ways. In this second exploration, we will keep working on the embodiment of Major Arcana, the « superstars » of Tarot, but also in two other direction that are less-well known and incredibly rich with possibility:

– The Numerology of Tarot: how waiting, quickening, evolution and different stages of being are evoked by numerological levels from 1 to 10
– The Court Cards: Pages, Kings, Knights and Queens are a whole universe in themselves, mirroring the Major Arcana and awakening possibilities of the human being in different directions.

I call Numeral cards, Court cards and Major Arcanas the « Three bodies » of the Tarot. Together we will explore how these three bodies resonate in our physicality, and what kind of magic we can experiment by turning to their beauty and guidance.

For this one-week workshop Marianne Costa and Agostina D’Alessandro will collaborate together to keep deepen the fascinating artistic universe that arise in the combination of these two vocabularies.

For this workshop we will select a group of 22 professional dancers, as the 22 major arcana of Tarot. Selection will be made by CV and in order of application.

The workshop will take place from June 13th to June 17th – 2022/Brussels. We will work from 10h to 17h with one hour lunch break during the day. Price of the workshop: Early bird price: €250 (paying before May 1st) Normal price: €300

This workshop will be held in English (translation in French & Spanish possible).

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