Performance 24/04 Guggenheim Collection

Ho il piacere di annunciare che sono stata invitata dal Museo Guggenheim di Venezia per curare un evento speciale il prossimo 24 di aprile :

Marianne Costa and the exhibition curator, Gražina Subelytė, lead visitors to an understanding of the symbolism and iconography of the works on view in the exhibition. The two protagonists of this tour/performance, which respectively represent the figures of the Magus and the Genius, will play with the “Jeu de Marseille,” a tarot deck created by the Surrealists in 1941. The original cards of the Siren, the Genius, the Fool and the Wheel can all be admired in the exhibition.

  • The meeting will be in Italian and will take place simultaneously at the museum and online on Zoom.
  • Participation is free. Registration is required.

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